Friday, February 4, 2011

25 Reasons to LOVE crochet.

1. It taught me patience

2. You can crochet ANYTHING

3. Because I can take it with me anywhere.

4. Crochetville, enough said...

5. I get to correct people who swear they used to knit, and tell them that I am crocheting.

6. I love color and crochet knows no boundaries when it comes to color

7. It's something I'm good that, that I truly enjoy. I mean how many people have a hobby that can make gifts, kill boredom, keep people warm, make dish cloths, bags, jewelry, hats, and sometimes even be functional??

8. It gives me something to talk about and is a great ice breaker from the typical 21 year old conversations it makes me stand out.

9. I can make the same blanket in different colors and switch up a square here and there or a stitch every other row and nobody could ever tell it's from the same pattern.

10. Because otherwise I'd have a lot of explaining to do about all that yarn in my closet!

11. It makes me feel good when people say "I wish I could do that"

12. The blanket I'm working on can keep me warm while I making it.

13. I can usually make a quick gift from my stash and not spend a dime

14. Because of crochet nights with Erin and drinks. Two tipsy hookers :-D

15. amigurumi cuteness

16. the feeling of really soft yarn through your fingers begging to be twisted into something beautiful and forever

17. the endless decor

18. because fridgies are cute

19. because I met so many wonderful people that would have otherwise not been in my life if I didn't crochet

20. it's stress relief

21. because of national crochet month

22. because my boyfriend actually wants me to make him something or he's all the time saying you should totally crochet that.

23. because of friendship ghan squares

24. because even my dog likes crochet

25. it gives me something to be passionate about!
So I'm still working on my 3sub... I don't think I'll ever finish an afghan. lol. I had my stitch sampler, my 3sub, Scott's blanket, *sigh*. Oh well. I am dedicating my weekend to crochet. Plus I get so distracted so easily it's crazy. I want to try Jacobs ladder now. & I should probably start edging my friendship ghan squares so I don't have to do it all at once. I'm addicted to searching for patterns and not working on what I already have started. Although a few days ago I came across a blog that was selling yes SELLING a pattern for a granny square... that kinda irked me bit I'll admit. I can understand selling a pattern that is of your own creation but a basic granny square that's a bit of a rip off don't ya think?? I mean it's like the base of all things crochet. I remember when I first started learning, it was like the thing to know how to do. I could make one in my sleep it hardly seems fair to charge someone for that. I think I even blogged about it I was so excited to make it. I neglect my blog too. I need to start blogging more. I do like it, I just forget. Well pizza should be here like any second.. they are late.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving Forward

I know I don't blog often enough, but I'm back I guess for today at least. I've been working on my 3SUB. I've been absent from the ville' a lot as well. I've been through quite a few ordeals the past couple months. I had to get rid of Bunz pretty much right after I got him, as my apartments would not allow him to stay, although they allow cats and dogs. (don't ask I don't understand it myself) Then my old Dog Bruce had to go as he destroyed everything while we we're at work, and if crated he chewed on the Bars untill his teeth bleed. :( So he had to go. Then just last week my cats had to go which was the hardest for me to deal with as I've had them for some time and was very attached. But with having work issues and them peeing on everything no matter what I did.. it was really hard for me. So I've been a bit depressed lately needless to say. I never thought I would have any reason to ever get rid of my animals. I've always been such a huge animal lover. I feel as if I've lost part of my family. I do have a Pomeranian though. She has helped me through a lot of this mess. & thankfully hasn't destroyed anything and now claims the house as all hers. Seeing as she's the only Pet I have. Her name is Foxie. & if I didn't have her I'm not so sure how I would have reacted to getting of the cats. Plus I've had some family issues lately with my parents and my mother refuseing to speak to me for months. It's been a rough year and I'm looking forward to moveing forward in 2011 the best I can. Enough of the bad things. Although there are plenty it's not what I should be thinking about to feel better. That's where crocheting comes in. I started this towards the end of the year. & put it on hold through the holidays. I pulled it out a couple days ago and I love working on it. All the bright colors are a mood lifter. & seeing as I'm sick it's keeping me warm as well. :)