Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunz is back!!

So even though we really don't have the room for him, we deided to get Bunz back. We missed him like terrible and he's a great bunny. It was difficult for us to get rid of him in the first place, so we gave him to a friend after turning down too many people from craigslists being way to picky when it came to who we went to. SO glad we did that, then said friend needed to get rid of him do to apartment management issues and we tried via craigslist once again with no responses. then got to talking about him and Scott was all like well you know... we could probably find room for him. That was enough for me, went out and got a big bag of food his favorite hay, some strawberries (he likes those) and now he's home again and I feel crazy because I have a dog, three cats, and Bunz lol NO MORE!!!! But I feel like our little family is complete again. I've always been a huge animal lover, and always had something. Even as a kid I was allowed two. (non dog or cat animals) I usually had a hamster and something else. But glad that things worked out the way they did Bunz narrowly escaped rehoming to a stranger twice. I think it's meant to be.

Well, I'm off the make salads for dinner and work on my stitch sampler A.K.A. Lace and bobbles

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I need to VENT

Not normally my thing but I'm losing it! lol I've been very sick lately. First I was out with stomach pains and a fever with no explanation as to why. That lasted for about a week, Then I couldn't keep anything down period, and that lasted about a week. Then this past Friday I started having an asthma flare up. Which continued through the weekend. Then at work on Monday it was starting to get worse, Tuesday I couldn't handle it and had a full blown attack and my lips turned blue. Thankfully somebody I work with has asthma as well and let me use their inhaler, as I don't have one because I don't have insurance even though I work a full time job. And my boss STILL wouldn't let me go home even though my lips were BLUE!! Because I seemed to be feeling better.... right because he totally knows what it's like to lose oxygen. So after work on Tuesday I went to the emergency room, due to difficulty breathing. Waited forever.... and ever. Then I ended up have the worst attack yet and stopped breathing to where I finally was seen and had a tube down my throat. Then I waited in a room for an hour with horrible coughing and gasping for air, finally one of the nurses felt sorry for me and started breathing treatments with the vapor mist thingy (albuterol). I went through 6 before my airways were stable enough to stop. And since I have a sensitivity to albuterol which usually isn't a problem with just an inhaler but it was 6 breathing treatment thingys, so I had to have an i.v. to slow my heart rate which was going out of control. Then finally I was seen by the student doctor who was actually very nice and I was very happy with unlike the stupid catty nurses. Finally I was told I had an asthma attack.... (really I had no idea) Then I was seen by the actual doctor who talked to me for all of two minutes to explain that he was going to put me on steroids for my lungs and an inhaler, and I should be released soon. Almost TWO hours later (which I was starting to wheeze again) the nurse came in to have me sign the release form, and give me the prescriptions. So I get home at about 2:30 a.m. and I still couldn't breathe all that well. Had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work today, and since I couldn't drop off the prescriptions I had no inhaler so I had a difficult day today as well, and my boss just didn't get it at all. Put me at a sit down job that was over by the docks where the semis unload and the doors are usually always open this time of year and the exhaust and fumes from the semis was making it a lot worse I would rather stand and do my normal job at a relaxed pace then deal with that. But he wouldn't have it. So I left at 1:oo instead of the usual 3:00 which is considered a tardy you can leave two hours early or be two hours late and take a tardy and you get 12 a year and I have 2 from last winder due to snow delays so I said screw it and left so I could get my prescriptions sooner. Whew. I think that's everything, sorry for the vent. lol Kudos if you actually read it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My sister's comfortghan

I received 7 squares for this today!! 6 from Hhensler on the ville' and 1 from picescrocheter. The 8th the the one from the previous post that Erin made for me. I am blown away by the generosity of some of these ladies. I feel honored to be a part of the ville'

Crochetville is amazing!

So I have gotten a lot of packages lately. & I have neglected posting, my phone has been acting up. But FINALLY!! lol EnjoySo I have gotten a lot of packages lately. & I have neglected posting, my phone has been acting up. But FINALLY!! lol Enjoy

I received the above package from mom with a motif on crochetville!! I Love the square for my friendship ghan it's just too adorable!!

This square was from Picescrocheter on the ville'

Another photo of the palm square. I took them outside for better lighting then had to chase my dog around the pond and drag him inside... so it got dark... Mission failed! lol

This square I received from a good friend who I know outside of the online world and in it as well. it's for my friendshipghan as well.
I told you I had a lot sent in I'm being VERY spoiled! I have another post but due to it's content I'm making it seperate!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm making a comfortghan for my sister who has a Brian tumor. I'm nervous to give it to her when it's finished. But I think the idea that other people care will help her cope. I wanted to post the first square I received from a great friend.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So I know it's been a while but I'm still alive. I just tried to follow someone and I accidently followed myself. =-D I crack myself up sometimes. I've been very busy lately. I've finally moved, and I love the new place. It's perfect for me and Scott! I've got a dog and made a few new friends. I finally got my hands on an Afghans for all Seasons book and started the stitch sampler! Then some not so happy news. My sister has a tumor in her brain. I haven't posted about her but she's been in pain for the last year. She taking so many pills and it hurts to know she's suffering while trying to care for her kids who are visiting for the summer. Then to top it off she put together party for my birthday this sunday. She's such a strong person and endureing so much while all the while putting a smile on her face. I posted more info on crochetville as I'm trying to put together a comfort ghan for her. I also received an amazing package from a ville member for my birthday. It was so sweet. I feel so blessed to be a member of such a wonderfull online community. Well it is late and I'm a bit tired after all so pictures of the Stitch Sampler progess and I'm out for the time being.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I always forget to update this darn thing. I'm in love with crochetville. Well I offically moved to a new apartment. It's amazing, and I never want to leave, but it is a one bedroom so that's probably a bit unrealistic... lol. I'm sad that a lot of my cat stuff got ruined in our old basement due to water damage. I have cat kitchen towels and blankets, and I have a few crocheted blankets from family members that are long gone that were ruined as well. So I guess back to starting from scratch on my cat stuff and my lil ceremic cat got cracked in two... =-[ oh well. We're getting settled and all my yarn survived the move! lol I've been busy making squares for the CAL on crochetville for friendship ghans. I love it. & I've made some great friends. I've been into trying to send some squares or whatever it is people are seeking here and there as well. So boreing old me hasn't been up to much. Not much more on the blankets. I did get another row on Scott's blanket, and a few rounds on the baby granny but as far as mine I had a square some apart that was made from a crazy ball and it's in the middle to I have to remove a row and part of another to get to it and replace it so I just kinda folded it up and decided to work on it later.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I spent my weekend making these cute motifs. I LOVE this book. It's amazing! Mine are comming out a bit large but I am useing an I hook and cotton yarn. No idea what to do with them as of yet, I just want to make more! It's very addicting and it's got that instant gratification thing too. This is the first crochet book I've ever bought and I think I will be adding to the collection. I was afraid I wasn't going to be skilled enough to follow the patterns in books, but I'm pleased with the result. I plan to just hook away! Have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blanket Mess!

So I love afghans. I LOVE them. I have started countless afghans, but I NEVER finish them. I always frog frog frog. I get bored with them, but I'm always thrilled with the idea of finishing one. I guess I need that instant gratification. =-[

Well I got three going right now that are actually kind of promising.

1. Black and Red made from random squares (for the wonderful boyfriend)

2. A random (and I mean random) granny. Any colors you can think of it's in it!

3. Baby afghan, because we are still trying and I figured if I focus on the positive it will happen
useing carron one pounders for this two of them then the plan is to put it away in my hope chest until the day comes that I do get pregnant then put either a pink or blue border to it.

This is part of the boyfriend's blanket I only have one row done... compared to mine it's kinda sad. lol but I just bought a new book on motifs and there's a squares section so I'm going to test them all and I figured I'll just do them all in red and black.

Mine is the easy one to work on. Maybe it's just because it's mine. I'm not sure I think it's the colors and the randomness of the blanket that makes me want to work on it more. But all of these have gotten further than any other afghan I have ever attempted to make. So to me they are all promising!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long time so post! (oops) hehe

So anyways, I know it's been forever since I posted anything. We've been through apartment hell as far as our townhome goes. It's one thing after another, leaky sink, no water pressure, flooding basement, our ac has been broken since we moved in and the work order has been active for a year. I just can't take it anymore. I'm happy to annouce we have found a new really nice apartment and are moving june first! .... again. It seems luck is just not on our side we always move after a year I really want to just stay somewhere for a while. We had to downsize to a one bedroom to afford the complex we wanted but it's so worth it. It's just me and him anyways, seeing as luck isn't on my side to get pregnant right now either. *sigh* don't mind my pessimistic attitude. lol Hopefully after a year here we'll need to move for a bigger place due to a little miracle? (one can hope) Maybe we'll finally take the plunge and move out of state and settle in one place, that's why we rent we want a house in North Carolina but I'm not ready to leave ohio just yet. Anyways sorry about the endless rambling. I've been working on a baby blanket lately. Just a basic granny square I'm useing caron lb in baby rainbow, I want to use two skeins to make it so it would grow with a toddler and then when I know what I will have trim it in either pink or blue. I figured if I had a positive attitude and go about what I want to do it will happen, so my friend suggested that I make a baby blanket. I'll post pictures when I get a chance. Probably update this post later tonight. I'd like to make some wash cloths later tonight as well.