Saturday, June 5, 2010


I always forget to update this darn thing. I'm in love with crochetville. Well I offically moved to a new apartment. It's amazing, and I never want to leave, but it is a one bedroom so that's probably a bit unrealistic... lol. I'm sad that a lot of my cat stuff got ruined in our old basement due to water damage. I have cat kitchen towels and blankets, and I have a few crocheted blankets from family members that are long gone that were ruined as well. So I guess back to starting from scratch on my cat stuff and my lil ceremic cat got cracked in two... =-[ oh well. We're getting settled and all my yarn survived the move! lol I've been busy making squares for the CAL on crochetville for friendship ghans. I love it. & I've made some great friends. I've been into trying to send some squares or whatever it is people are seeking here and there as well. So boreing old me hasn't been up to much. Not much more on the blankets. I did get another row on Scott's blanket, and a few rounds on the baby granny but as far as mine I had a square some apart that was made from a crazy ball and it's in the middle to I have to remove a row and part of another to get to it and replace it so I just kinda folded it up and decided to work on it later.