Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just thought I would share my first granny square. I learned how to make them about two weeks ago. My friend Erin taught me how. I could crochet basics but could not for the life of me learn the granny square. I learn usually through youtube, watching how to videos. That's how I initially taught myself how to crochet. Then I figured out how to read patterns, and have gone from there but even watching videos and reading patterns did nothing to show me the way of the granny. Then Erin came back from a trip to her sister's and her sister taught her how and after my months on complaining that I can't figure it out she came back all excited to show me and successfully taught me how to crochet a granny. I got a little excited and just kept going, and going on it. So it's a bit big for a first granny. Then I ran out of the purple. So I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it is what it is. Any idea's?

Feeling Buggy

I made this about a week ago. It's my first stuffed crochet animal looking thing. I got the free pattern at Wal*Mart for a bumble bee and I just altered the colors and kinda made my own version as a bug instead. I think it's cute. & Scott actually asked me to make him one that's black and red. He normally doesn't show much interest in my crochet, just makes sure I got enough yarn to be happy. lol So I'm excited that he wanted one. It took me three hours to make. I know it's not perfect but I'm proud of it.

A bit about me.

My name is Melissa, I'm 19 nearing 20 years old. I'm a bit off for my age. I mean I sit at home, I clean house, talk to cats, and crochet. Icrochet. But I'm still learning I'm not the best at it, but I'm proud of what I can do. I live with my boyfriend Scott. We have no kids, but I have four amazing cats. Princess, Maximus, Isabella, and our newest addition, Scruffie. I am new to crochet and I'm sure the things I make aren't perfect, but I hope you enjoy what I post, and I hope you enjoy my blogs.

<3 Melissa