Friday, February 4, 2011

So I'm still working on my 3sub... I don't think I'll ever finish an afghan. lol. I had my stitch sampler, my 3sub, Scott's blanket, *sigh*. Oh well. I am dedicating my weekend to crochet. Plus I get so distracted so easily it's crazy. I want to try Jacobs ladder now. & I should probably start edging my friendship ghan squares so I don't have to do it all at once. I'm addicted to searching for patterns and not working on what I already have started. Although a few days ago I came across a blog that was selling yes SELLING a pattern for a granny square... that kinda irked me bit I'll admit. I can understand selling a pattern that is of your own creation but a basic granny square that's a bit of a rip off don't ya think?? I mean it's like the base of all things crochet. I remember when I first started learning, it was like the thing to know how to do. I could make one in my sleep it hardly seems fair to charge someone for that. I think I even blogged about it I was so excited to make it. I neglect my blog too. I need to start blogging more. I do like it, I just forget. Well pizza should be here like any second.. they are late.


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