Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunz is back!!

So even though we really don't have the room for him, we deided to get Bunz back. We missed him like terrible and he's a great bunny. It was difficult for us to get rid of him in the first place, so we gave him to a friend after turning down too many people from craigslists being way to picky when it came to who we went to. SO glad we did that, then said friend needed to get rid of him do to apartment management issues and we tried via craigslist once again with no responses. then got to talking about him and Scott was all like well you know... we could probably find room for him. That was enough for me, went out and got a big bag of food his favorite hay, some strawberries (he likes those) and now he's home again and I feel crazy because I have a dog, three cats, and Bunz lol NO MORE!!!! But I feel like our little family is complete again. I've always been a huge animal lover, and always had something. Even as a kid I was allowed two. (non dog or cat animals) I usually had a hamster and something else. But glad that things worked out the way they did Bunz narrowly escaped rehoming to a stranger twice. I think it's meant to be.

Well, I'm off the make salads for dinner and work on my stitch sampler A.K.A. Lace and bobbles