Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I need to VENT

Not normally my thing but I'm losing it! lol I've been very sick lately. First I was out with stomach pains and a fever with no explanation as to why. That lasted for about a week, Then I couldn't keep anything down period, and that lasted about a week. Then this past Friday I started having an asthma flare up. Which continued through the weekend. Then at work on Monday it was starting to get worse, Tuesday I couldn't handle it and had a full blown attack and my lips turned blue. Thankfully somebody I work with has asthma as well and let me use their inhaler, as I don't have one because I don't have insurance even though I work a full time job. And my boss STILL wouldn't let me go home even though my lips were BLUE!! Because I seemed to be feeling better.... right because he totally knows what it's like to lose oxygen. So after work on Tuesday I went to the emergency room, due to difficulty breathing. Waited forever.... and ever. Then I ended up have the worst attack yet and stopped breathing to where I finally was seen and had a tube down my throat. Then I waited in a room for an hour with horrible coughing and gasping for air, finally one of the nurses felt sorry for me and started breathing treatments with the vapor mist thingy (albuterol). I went through 6 before my airways were stable enough to stop. And since I have a sensitivity to albuterol which usually isn't a problem with just an inhaler but it was 6 breathing treatment thingys, so I had to have an i.v. to slow my heart rate which was going out of control. Then finally I was seen by the student doctor who was actually very nice and I was very happy with unlike the stupid catty nurses. Finally I was told I had an asthma attack.... (really I had no idea) Then I was seen by the actual doctor who talked to me for all of two minutes to explain that he was going to put me on steroids for my lungs and an inhaler, and I should be released soon. Almost TWO hours later (which I was starting to wheeze again) the nurse came in to have me sign the release form, and give me the prescriptions. So I get home at about 2:30 a.m. and I still couldn't breathe all that well. Had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work today, and since I couldn't drop off the prescriptions I had no inhaler so I had a difficult day today as well, and my boss just didn't get it at all. Put me at a sit down job that was over by the docks where the semis unload and the doors are usually always open this time of year and the exhaust and fumes from the semis was making it a lot worse I would rather stand and do my normal job at a relaxed pace then deal with that. But he wouldn't have it. So I left at 1:oo instead of the usual 3:00 which is considered a tardy you can leave two hours early or be two hours late and take a tardy and you get 12 a year and I have 2 from last winder due to snow delays so I said screw it and left so I could get my prescriptions sooner. Whew. I think that's everything, sorry for the vent. lol Kudos if you actually read it!