Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Name the bunny =-]

Soooo, I finally got my butt in gear and took some pictures. Enjoy and don't poke too much fun at my beginners crochet skills.

The scarf. I was so proud of myself over this. I did it in just two days. I'm giving it to a co-worker of mine, she kept hinting that grey was her favotite color ever since I took it to work to do on breaks.

I also just wanted to share my crochet cherries for my car.

thought this was adorable. No idea what I'll use it for but I don't care I thought it was cute.
I also started working on my craft room. I know I said I wanted to just not have one because we were trying for a baby. But we have decided to take the approach of if it happens it happens. I think we are stressing it too much. Plus future baby would probably stay in our room anyways and when the time comes we will move to a bigger place. So craft room is back on. I got all my stuff in it now. Ribbons, Yarn, Buttons, Supplies. You name it.

Like I said it's a work in progress. That's part of my stash. & the ugly matress is a new project I have yet to take on. It was my old matress when I was living with my parents. It's a full size and VERY floppy so it's folded like a couch against the wall. & I'm going to buy a bright fitted sheet for it and crochet some crazy colorfull pillows & have some funky seating in my craft room. I'm really excited about it!

Part of my button stash. I really LOVE buttons. =-]

Meet the newest addition to my furry family. It's a boy and he needs a name. I want a real name. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! He's very friendly & not shy like most bunnies are at first. He warmed up to all of us in no time and is already terrorizing the cats. If you think you got the perfect name then try me. I'm open to anything.

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