Monday, October 26, 2009

Homemade Christmas

I know it sounds a bit early for christmas talk, BUT I have about a month and a half to get my house together, make a million ornaments, decorate the house, buy & make presents, and work full time. Totally insane. We bomed over the weekend due to EVIL fleas that won't die. Hopefully this did the trick. But now I'm way in over my head here. I have to wash EVERYTHING. Clothes, Dishes, Carpets, Counters, Both bathrooms. Plus work. My goal is to get the house done by friday. Then enjoy my weekend. We stopped working saturdays so if I get everything washed down by then I can relax. Spend much needed time with the boyfriend, and start crocheting and glueing my homemade christmas. My grandma is staying with us this year, so I want to make it extra special. I'm a list person. So bear with me this post is mainly to calm my own nerves and plan what I'm going to do.

Get House Clean
1. Start from top to bottom.
- Get together all clothes and put in basement in the massive pile that is threatning to eat my basement. Wash only what we wear and sort everything else to be washed after christmas when we get new washer.
- All dishes need taken out and washed
- Cats need a bath
- Borrow mom's vacume and carpet shampooer and have at it
- Re-arrange living room
- Get desk & entertainment stand from boyfriend's Dad's
- Get couch, loveseat, and chair from my parents the extra seating would be nice.

2. Start Operation Christmas ( haha I couldn't help myself )
- Check the dollar store!!
- Crochet my heart out!
* Crochet paper chain so we can use it for years to come
* Crochet ornaments
* Crochet Stockings
* Crochet gifts
- Put lights inside windows
- Put up our totally bare huge tree (We've never actually been able to celebrate a chistmas together due to circumstances but now that we've figured all that out this will be our first christmas living together. So we have quite literally nothing to start with expect a bare artificial tree that has a 6 1/2 ft girth. I mean the thing is massive I will so take pictures. lol )
- Get spare bed from mom's to put in craft room for my grandma
- Buy lots of red, green, & white yarn
- Buy a ton of glue for the glue gun
- Check around for some pretty silver, gold, christmasy yarn.

I told you I'm a list person. It makes it easier for me to actually get done what I want and not forget ideas I come up with. Happy Monday! not really but do enjoy your week. & if you read this entire post. Kudos!

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