Monday, June 8, 2009

A bit obsessed

So, I have bought MORE yarn. I have like 6 skeins to ball. I'm cheap though. I wish I could afford to buy nice soft and exotic yarns, but I can't. I'm happy with my redheart yarn though. $2 a skein at Wally World, so all is well. I really need to get the house together. It is TRASHED. Beyond belief. But we've had friend's over and we did get the dining room painted. I want to get the spare room together. It's going to be my craft room! =D So much needs done. It pulls me away from my crocheting. I have been at Erin's for three days now. It's almost like we live at each other house's off and on. I love having close friends for once. I did make another crochet bug, a lot better looking than the first one I posted, and I crocheted a cupcake! But tomorrow I MUST go home. I need to get the house together. Well town home whatever you want to call it but it's the closest thing to a house we've ever lived in. So no pictures until tomorrow. Plus more updating. You wouldn't believe the sectional part we found by a dumpster. I feel like a bum but there was NOTHING wrong with it. & we could use the extra seating. So we called up a friend and hauled it to the house. It's nice and the cats approved of it almost right away. So tomorrow I shall post pics of the new bug, cupcake, dining room, and our new chaise looking sectional piece.

Peace, Mel


  1. Sounds like you've got lots on your plate at the moment - I'm a little green with envy that you are going to be having your own craft room (I really, really want one of those!) Best of luck with all the work on the house and thanks for following my blog :)

  2. i know what you mean, i cant afford expensive yarn..The most expensive yarn i have used is the homespun, and i get that on sale..Its ok, i dont mind it..
    just got back from a sale at michaels..Had to replenish my yarn supply..
    Take care,